How to hide folder or files in android without any app?

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How to hide folder or files in android without any app?

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:44 pm

Android is one of the best operating system (OS) for mobile due to its large collections of app and bug free in comparison with other mobile operating systems. To hide files/folder on your Android mobile, it's very simple. Many people do have many reasons or the other to hide files or folder on their Android mobile phone, Today I will show you how you can protect your files on android phone without any app. This easy article will help you to hide any folders or files easily without any installed third party app in android.
How can i hide file or folder on my android mobile?

Step #1

Open File Manager on Your Android Mobile Phone.

Step #2

Locate or Search the file or folder which you wanna hide.

Step #3

Long press file or folder and then select "rename" from the available options

Step #4

Rename the folder or file with ". " (Dot) on first position or you can say at the start of a folder or file name.

Step #5

Now, on the file manager in your android phone and Select options, and go to "settings" Now uncheck "Show Hidden Files tab".

Step #6

Click on "Done".

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