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Google Pay Per Click Ads FREE

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Google Pay Per Click Ads FREE Empty Google Pay Per Click Ads FREE

Post by Admin Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:33 am

Google Pay Per Click Ads FREE

"Internet Marketer Gets $87 Million inGoogle Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE! ...
AndMakes Over $314 Million as a Result! ...
And Now He's Going to Give You This Same Secret for Next to Nothing!"

Internet Multimillionaire is deliberately out to show up google, Yahoo, MSN and every other big search engine by giving away this monster of a secret! (But he doesn’t even care!)...

“Everyday google sells several $10 million’s in pay-per-clicks. But
I get all mine absolutely FREE – and now I am going to show you
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That’s right – Start Sharing in the *Incredible* Secret So Few Others Know About that Allow Them to Actually Get All Their Pay-Per-Click Advertising Absolutely FREE!

Fast facts about this amazing NEW SECRET!...

This is an incredible system developed by none other than Dr Jon Cohen, MD (retired) who found a little-known “twist” in how to use the pay-per-click (PPC) and paid-for targeted advertising programs at google™ and the other search engines.

Dr Jon has personally used this to:

* Eliminate over $87 million in otherwise paid-for and PPC ads at google™ and other search engines over the course of about 9 years now!
* Generate over $314 million in product sales as a result of this incredible savings!
* Acquire a personal wealth of more than $68 million! (Net)
* Start and develop 16 online ventures of his own.
* Has coached “live” where he taught others this same amazing formula - including 198 executives from major Fortune 500 and FortuneSM 1000 companies, 14 representatives of publicly-traded companies on the New York Stock ExchangeSM (NYSE), 82 more on the NASDAQ®, 5 members of investment houses on the American Stock ExchangeSM (AMEX), as well as at least one former US Congressman (now retired also) who now stays at home and runs a home-based online family business, among countless others.

This system has nothing to do with google “vouchers” or “AdWords™ credits.”

Instead, Dr Jon’s system is very unique to say the least, and allows for the elimination of advertisers having to suffer the burden of costs of their Google and otherwise paid-for search engine advertising expenses!

It can even create many additional streams of income flooding money cash directly into your pocket very quickly!

Above all, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!...

Dear Friend,

I hope you hate spending money on all your Google™ pay-per-click advertising, because if you do you’re in luck!

Finally, after many years of getting ALL my PPCs at Google, Yahoo, MSN and literally 100’s of other TOP Search Engines for FREE, I’m finally ready to let YOU in on “MY” most closely-guarded secret!

The FACT is: I’ve been advertising on Google (the world’s TOP search engine!) as well as on Yahoo, MSN and literally 100’s of others WITHOUT spending any money!

I’ve literally enjoyed over $12 million a year in Google advertising alone (but allabsolutely FREE!)

And BEST of all, I’m NOT lying (I really do get literally $millions$ in FREE advertising each & every year at ALL the TOP Search Engines!)

And *MY* secret has made me very, very, AMAZINGLY RICH!

But the ironic thing is: It wouldn’t surprise me
if you’ve never even heard of me!

… and I don’t really care either.

I’m not one of the more popular well-known Internet gurus who loves rubbing his name in your face over and over again! (I mean, who cares who they are, or who I am? -- We are all just people regardless of how well-known or rich we become, right?)

I have personally owned and operated 16 different Web-Businesses over the last 9 years (since the mid-1990’s) and have sold EVERYTHING you can imagine!

Yes, I’ve even done the whole “eBay” thing!

I’ve now built well over a dozen Internet-based firms that specialize in selling everything from women’s cosmetics, men & women’s clothing, electronic publishing (i.e., ebooks), hardcopy publishing (real “tangible” books), special industrial machinery, building supplies, pet food & pet supplies/toys, children & adult games, DVDs/CDs, Subscriptions, all the way to Memberships Sites (with recurring billing!)

Plus a lot of other things too!

And in selling all these things with all these Web-businesses I’ve owned, I’ve NEVER paid for any advertising whatsoever!

I learned an amazing secret very early on that allows me to advertise on TOP Search Engines, but WITHOUT spending any money oNpay-per-clicks!

You see, the BEST part of having my secret in YOUR possession is this: You NEVER have to worry how expensive all your PPC-advertising is because quite simply, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You can set your PPC account as follows WITHOUT any worries with *MY* NEW amazing secret:

1. You CAN now bid as high as you like on any select keyword
(and thereby blow ALL your competition right out of the
water! -- and NEVER have to pay for a single ‘click!’)

2. You CAN now set your daily budget as high as you want to go
(and thereby be assured of having ONLY the BEST *TOP PREMIUM* positions at all Search Engines -- these are the
color ribbon areas over the “organic” results everybody sees first!) But DON’T worry as you’ll never pay for a single day of pay-per-click advertising regardless of how high you set your budget!

Adwords Budget

3. You can add as many select keywords and keyword phrases for any PPC campaign you like, as you will NEVER be paying for any of it!

4. You can sell as many products, and start as many Web-
Businesses as you like (just like I have now gone ‘wild’ and done!) as targeted PPC advertising costs are no longer
any real concern for YOU!

Apparel / T-Shirts
Art & Supplies
As Seen On TV
Baby Products
Candles, Incense, Potpourri
Computer Products
Convenience Store Items
Crafts & Supplies
Dollar Store Items
Fashion Accessories
Food & Grocery
Garden & Lawn
General Merchandise
Handbags, Purses & Luggage
Hardware, Tools, Building Supplies
Health & Beauty Aids
Holiday & Seasonal Items
Housewares & Home Furnishings
Leather Goods
Office Supplies
Party Items
Perfumes & Fragrances
Pet Supplies
Regional & Ethnic Items
Retaier & Dealer Supplies
Self-Defense & Security
Shoes & Footwear
Sporting Goods
Sunglasses & Eyewear
Telephones / Cellular
Tobacco / Smoking
Toys, Games, Hobbies
Videos & DVD's

5. You can therefore get extremely (even ridiculously!) wealthy
as you can “afford” to get literally $millions$ yearly in PPC-advertising, because all costs will now be removed
meaning everything you're making is pure 100% GROSS PROFIT!


Imagine living in this home just like I do!

Think of my “secret” this way:

Say you went to the heads of Google, Yahoo, MSN and 100’s of other TOP Search Engines, and got to be good friends with them, and then they suddenly said to you:

“Don’t worry ever again on paying for advertising with us – we’ll just let you advertise on our search engines, but wewon’t charge you – so feel free to sellwhatever you want, using as many keywords as you want, and we’ll evenplace YOUR ADS at the TOP of every FRONT Page and for EVERY SINGLE KEYWORD you choose!”

Would you take them up on this offer?

You’d be crazy not too, right?

Just think of how rich you’d get as a result of all this incredible advertising, where you NEVER experienced any risks on advertising because it didn’t cost you a thing!

“How I beat the problem of having to pay Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other search engine to make an extra $26.7 Million last year with PPC marketing – but FREE...

“... And how 100s of regular people have followed my lead and used my BREAKTHOUGH secret to earning LARGER profits due to eliminating their Pay-Per-Click ad costs!”

Obviously the very BEST way to increase profits is to eliminate or greatly reduce costs in the promotion of your business -- this means doing away with the cost of advertising.

Last year I was able to make an “extra” $26.7 million by eliminating ALL of my pay-per-click advertising because I used my own ‘secret’ which allows me to do away forever with the burden of costs of targeted PPC ads.

And I can show you 100s of real-life examples of *ordinary people* who I've shared my secret with and who are now making lots more money RIGHT NOW because they are able to get highly-targeted and extremely effective pay-per-click advertising FREE, too!

But hold up: Before you claim ‘Get Google Ads FREE’
for yourself you must read this important section!...

Now you can sell “Get Google Ads FREE” and earn a HUGE 75% commission on each & every sale you make! …

Plus …

You can actually use the SECRET in “Get Google Ads FREE” to get all your Google ads you use to sell it FREE!

You of course can become an affiliate free and start selling. But, for anyone claiming their very own copy of Get Google Ads FREE I have a SURPRISE BONUS section in the back of the ebook for YOU!

I walk you through step-by-step, and actually show you a very simple (but HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE) strategy for selling Get Google Ads FREE to others where YOU make an amazing income instantly!

This way, you get to SHARE in my fortune!

Yes, yes, yes – there are of course the simple and the usual tools to help any affiliate sell this amazing ebook. However, ONLY INSIDE the ebook itself will you find my proven and carefully-designed affiliate-Selling Plan!

► And this is exclusively for people claiming a copy for themselves!

I even show you how to use my amazing secret for getting Google ads free to actually sell the ebook itself using Google (but without spending a dime on advertising costs!)

Imagine placing this POWERFUL Google ad to sell Get Google Ads FREE! …

I show you how you can get TOP Premium Ads at Google (and 100s of other top search engines) to actually sell Get Google Ads FREE to others, but where you DON’T pay for the cost of your Google ads you use to sell it!

Your ads would be at the TOP of pages like these for “free adwords,” “free ads,” and “free advertising” and the like! (A total of many 100s of select highly-targeted keywords & phrases!)

You could have ads appearing at results from 100s of keywords and phrases!...

Imagine getting as few as 500-600 ‘clicks’ a week with just 10 keywords and where you had NO Google ads’ costs!

Then, let’s say you got an average of 6.7% conversion -- as our tests have shown can easily happen as this is one really HOT product! (Note: Few of even the finest products and websites today convert over 1%! Ours converts between 5% and 8% regularly on average!)

You average over $45 commission per sale!

I’m making a bundle selling Get Google Ads FREE, and now you can share in my fortune by becoming my affiliate!

Included are such things as:

• “How [the author] Made $7 Million!”
• “The Secret to ‘PRE-Capitalization!”
• “How [the author] Made Over $10 million Selling Electronic Games!” (Using this secret!)
• “How to Use this SECRET as an affiliate Marketer!”
• “Sources of FREE Traffic!”
• “Real Contact Support emails Answered by Our Staff!” (You may find YOUR questions already answered here!)
• “How to Guarantee YOUR SUCCESS!”

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