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Google For Free And Makes

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Google For Free And Makes Empty Google For Free And Makes

Post by Admin Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:08 am

Google For Free And Makes

'The google Ultimatum' Strategy That Allows You To Snatch Every Possible Cash Paying Customer From Every Corner Of The Web, Whether It's On google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing Or ANY Other Search Engine You Can Think Off ... All Done Without Spending a Single Dime!

Internet Virgin Gets On google For Free And Makes $1,977,525

But DON'T worry ... this has got NOTHING to do with google Adwords, PPC, SEO, pyramid schemes, surveys, list building, email promotions, buying links, google adsense, posting ads, mailing lists, stuffing envelopes, eBay or MLM. Plus NOBODY wants to reveal the 'REAL' techniques, NOT even your guru friends...

... as up to now, YOU have been misled to FAIL on purpose... so that one day you'll pack up and leave more cash on the table for people who are sitting comfortably on a formula that works! I should know ... as the day I STOPPED listening to everyone was the day I started cashing in ridiculous amounts of cash from products, services AND affiliate products.

$84,708.17 in ONE week!!

As you've just witnessed, there's NO question about it. I CAN make money. Even if it's as low as $111.23 in a week. I still made it. I made it using nothing but a computer with an internet connection that functions exactly the same way as yours.

There's nothing great or special about me. I'm just the ordinary guy next door. There's a lot of things I can't do.
Ask me to fix a door, I wouldn't know which screws to use
Ask me to do the dishes and I'll break 1 or 2
Ask me to lawn the garden and I'll call the professional gardener who lives across the street
Ask me to do the shopping, I'm guaranteed to forget at least 3 items
Ask me to replace a tyre and I'll call the AA (AAA in the States)

The only successful ‘thing’ I know and I'm really good at is how to make money online.

Let me put it another way for you.

Have you heard of Mozart or Beethoven?

If you haven’t then these 2 are the greatest classical music composers ever lived. They see a piano and it all makes sense to them. They don’t see a bunch of keys, 3 pedals and a box of wood like I do. It made sense to them and they created classical ‘masterpieces’.

Now when it comes to the piano I can’t teach you a thing, however just like Mozart and Beethoven, making money online makes sense to me and I just make it. I naturally make money just like you would turn the key to start a car!

I'm not a genius and by the looks of things I bet we have a thing or 2 in common. I can even refer back to a time when I was reading a letter similar to this one. I got to the end and thought ... it's worked for this guy, but would it work for me? That was almost 3 years ago.

Now ... I don't have a job and the last time I did, it was 'many' years ago. I left corporate life, being a robot who gets told when to be at his desk, when to go for lunch, when to take a break, when to go to the toilet... okay I'm exaggerating a little now but you get the idea.

If I need money ... I will never rely on shift work as I'll be living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.
If I need a vacation ... I don't need a job that gives me only 30 days in a year to enjoy it
If I need a new car ... I don't need overtime to keep up the monthly instalments
If I need a new house ... I don't need a promotion to cut back just 1 year of repayment of a 25 year mortgage

But what I will do instead is:

Power up the computer, connect to the internet, get on google for free and make money. Then I'll …
Take a 5 STAR, first class vacation
Buy the car with 'petty' CASH
Buy the house outright

Let me to level with you...

My name is Latif and I'm not an internet freak or a nerd. I'm very much far from it ... to be frank? I was just like YOU.

I was a guy who:
Didn’t know what the internet was
Didn’t know what a web browser was, let alone a website
Didn't know what HTML was
Didn't know what FTP was (method to upload files to the internet)
Didn't know how to get website traffic (visitors) to a site
Didn't believe people could click a mouse button and make money

Didn't believe people would buy 'stuff' off the internet

Get Rid Of The *CONSTANT*
Set-Backs & Excuses!

You know you can do it but you need some free time. I know I had to make time otherwise I would have never got started or wrote this letter for you today. So once I overcame the set-backs and excuses … actually WAIT... let me first tell you the life I was miserably living before the internet.
I worked 9-5
I never had time to socialise (even a little)
I didn’t own a car
I didn't own a house as I lived with my parents
I was $100,000 in debt (I even had debt collectors knocking on my door)

But after I figured it out with Google, this is the lifestyle I live now...
I work an hour a day
I sleep when I want
I wake up when I want
I travel *first* class where ever I go
I socialise endlessly
I own 4 luxury and sports cars
I own a 5 bed home
I have every gadget a guy wants
I have 2 personal trainers
I take vacations on last minute
I stay in 5 – 7 star hotels
I dine at the best restaurants

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