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Post by Admin Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:37 am

eBay Fortune

eBay Fortune Logo

45-Year Old eBay Powerseller Since 1997 Puts Up His Right Hand And

Swears Under Oath That He Can Turn You Into One Of eBay’s Biggest,

Baddest, and Richest Sellers On The Marketplace!”

“Grab your piece of the 400 billion dollar eBay pie and explode your income in ways you could never even possibly begin to imagine! This 10-year veteran eBay millionaire will disclose to you the same behind-close-door secrets that have generated him over $8.7 million over the course of his eBay career.”

From the desk of Tom Barnes:
eBay Fortune Facepic
Dear friend,

My name is Tom Barnes, one of eBay's top volume sellers since 1997. Over the last 10 years, I've spent my career toiling over untold hours to create, enhance, and perfect a fool-proof eBay business model that has skyrocketed me into one of the auction marketplace’s most successful Powersellers.

Make no mistake about it – what you’re about to read is coming deep within the heart of one of eBay’s biggest players! I run an eBay store stocked with hundreds of thousands of red-hot products. I sell anything you can possibly think of on eBay – high end electronics, jewelry, designer clothing, household products, you name it! And now, I’m about to spill my guts out to you on my exact secret roadmap that could spring-board you into one of eBay's next biggest monster Powersellers!

True Story

Did you know that a woman from Florida listed a piece of old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay and sold it for $28,000?! The only easier way to make cash money is if they grow on trees! Regular people just like you are making a ton of extra cash selling on eBay. eBay business is so easy for me, it’s like taking candy from a helpless baby!

"Why is it so ludicrously simple to generate
flows of heart-pounding cash on eBay?"

You need zero knowledge about designing websites
You need zero knowledge in marketing and advertising
You need zero start-up capital!
You need zero business experience!
You need zero technical and computer skills!

Selling and making money cash on eBay is so drop-dead-simple, just about anybody of any business or computer experience can make it happen. And I’m not talking about the ones who are making a few extra spare change selling products here and there either – I’m talking about regular housewives, retirees, college students, and busy parents who are consistently milking several thousands of dollars every week with their eBay business from the comfort of their homes!

"Open Your Doors To Over 200 Million Hungry eBay Shoppers Worldwide"

eBay is easily the most popular marketplace on the web. Hands down, this auction giant is the mother of online businesses and has helped shaped more than 900,000 successful stay-at-home entrepreneurs. I've made over $8.7 million dollars selling on eBay over the last decade, and I have no doubt that I can get YOU, the average Joe, to board the spaceship to eBay fortune with my breakthrough roadmap to auction riches.


eBay has over 200 million registered users (and this number grows at an astonishing pace - several thousand new users join eBay every single day!)
Over 2 million people visit eBay every day scouring for items to purchase
If the sellers on eBay are considered their employees, then eBay is the largest employer in the world!
eBay is the fastest growing business ever in the history of American and international businesses.
eBay is the world's largest internet commerce
If eBay is considered a nation, it would be the 9th most populous country in the world
Half of all internet users visit eBay at least once every month!
eBay is one of the world's greatest contributing factors to the boost of the global economy
Over 2.1 billion items will be listed for sale on eBay this year
Over 400 billion dollars have been spent on eBay by customers since the marketplace’s creation
Over $100,000 worth of sales are made on eBay every single minute! That’s over 50 billion dollars people spend on eBay every year!
eBay has achieved financial success far grander than any other businesses in history in the quickest time
The eBay potential is stronger today than it has ever been!
eBay has changed the lives of countless people who sell on it, and it will for you too under the guidance of one of the auction marketplace's most illustrious Powersellers!

"What has made me so wildly successful beyond my years
on eBay isn’t because of what I do, but how I do it!"

Why don’t we get to the nitty-gritty and let me, a decade-long eBay Powerseller, show how you can skip 10 years worth of learning curve and cut in line to start your eBay success career without flushing away thousands of wasteful hours on costly trial-and-error!

True Story

One man's trash can really be another man's treasure. Here are just a few samples of trashes that have sold on eBay over the recent years:

You can literally point your finger at just about anything in your home, and there will be a buyer on eBay who can't wait to get their hands on it!

"Here's a tiny sneak-peak preview of what you can expect to discover
in eBay Fortune: The Definitive Roadmap to Auction Riches:"
How you can get started on your own eBay empire today without dropping a dime on any inventory
Where new eBay members always go wrong, and how to never follow these stale footsteps
What you must do before you even consider listing any item on eBay. Skipping this step can end up cutting your profits in half!

A dreadful mistake 95% of new eBay users make when first signing up with eBay, and how to steer clear away from this awful pitfall.
A "hidden" registration link that eBay doesn't advertise anywhere! I'll show you how to gain access to this secret link and reap in the priceless benefits
My proven guide on how to create the perfect eBay user ID

True Story

I introduced my cousin Jodie to eBay last year. After seeing me pulling in a jaw-dropping $863.45 worth of cold, hard cash profits during my bedtime on one Sunday night, she couldn’t resist but to ask for my help to start an eBay career herself. Unfortunately, at the time Jodie was a beginner to computers who barely knew how to surf the web. Under my help, Jodie was able to quickly begin her eBay business selling jackets from a clothing wholesale source I passed on to her.

Jodie's first sale, a navy Nike fleece jacket she bought from the wholesaler for $9.65, sold for $49.12 to a buyer in California. Making money on eBay was as brain-dead simple as buying items at bargain pricings from the wholesale source, and then resell them on eBay for a boatload of profits! Jodie's success began taking off from there. Today, Jodie is a work-in-her-underwear-at-home eBay Powerseller pulling in a rock-solid income every year on her own eBay empire.

Jodie told me that my help in getting her eBay career started was one of the best things that has ever happened to her. My experience with Jodie has inspired me to create eBay Fortune: The Definitive Roadmap to Auction Riches.

How to determine what type of products you should sell on eBay
How to determine what type of products you should avoid selling - you'll be shocked to find out that almost all new eBayers will innocently fall into this trap!
A false trap that fools 90% of eBay sellers into falsely thinking they're selling hot products - I'll expose this malicious trap to you and my clear-cut method how you can steer clear away from this awful catch
How to create your own product to sell like hotcakes on eBay!
How to quickly identify the highest profit margin products, and take full advantage of this newfound knowledge
A typical seller spends hours determining their profit-per-sale on items before they list. I've got a nasty secret how you can instantly do this job at a click of a button!
A free secret tool that will allow you to instantly discover the best-selling products on eBay without breaking a sweat
Did you know that hundreds of thousands of buyers are looking for products that no sellers are selling on eBay? I have developed a secret method on how you can track down these obscure products and their eager buyers at a click of a button!

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good luck


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